At Crown Luxury Homes, we leave no stone unturned when finding the right tenant for your property. Our rigorous vetting process involves making use of Goodlord’s PRO Referencing Services, which includes:

  • Right to Rent Checks: We diligently confirm that all prospective tenants have the legal right to reside in the UK, ensuring full compliance with the latest government regulations.
  • Identity Verification: We employ robust measures to verify each applicant’s identity, safeguarding against fraudulent activity and providing you with peace of mind.
  • Affordability Assessment: We conduct a comprehensive financial assessment of each tenant’s income and expenditures, ensuring they have the means to meet their rental obligations comfortably.
  • Rental History Verification: We thoroughly investigate previous rental experiences, checking for red flags such as late payments, property damage, or landlord disputes.
  • Reference Checks: We gather insightful feedback from previous landlords and employers, gaining valuable insights into an applicant’s reliability, character, and overall suitability as a tenant.

By taking these careful steps, we create successful tenancies that benefit landlords and tenants alike. We aim to provide you with a stress-free letting experience, confident in the knowledge that your property is in safe hands.

Robust Tenant Referencing

We invest in Goodlord’s PRO referencing service, renowned for its comprehensive and reliable checks. Goodlord PRO offers an extra layer of protection against applicant fraud, utilising cutting-edge technology and integrations with HMRC, payroll providers, and the National Fraud Database.

This unique approach verifies information directly at the source, significantly reducing the risk of document tampering and false income claims, which account for 95% of fraudulent attempts in tenant referencing.

Our commitment to Goodlord PRO demonstrates our dedication to providing landlord clients with the most accurate, secure, and efficient referencing process. By prioritising the integrity of tenant information, we minimise potential risks and ensure a seamless experience for both landlords and tenants.

The Power of PRO Referencing with Goodlord

At Crown Luxury Homes, we understand the importance of placing the right tenant in your luxury property. That is why we partner with Goodlord PRO, a leading provider of comprehensive tenant referencing services that go beyond the ordinary to ensure your peace of mind.

Goodlord PRO’s unique strength lies in its integrations with trusted sources like HMRC, payroll providers, and the National Fraud Database. This powerful combination enables us to verify tenant information directly at the source, significantly reducing the risk of fraudulent applications and ensuring the authenticity of income and employment details.

The National Fraud Database (NFD) is a central repository of fraud data and intelligence based in the UK and operated by Cifas, the UK’s leading fraud prevention service. It plays a crucial role in combating fraud by enabling organisations to share information about confirmed fraudulent activity.

Member organisations, including financial institutions, retailers, and government bodies, contribute confirmed fraud data to the NFD. This data includes details of fraudulent applications, transactions, and identities. Member organisations can access the NFD in real time to check for matches against their data. For example, a letting agency using Goodlord PRO can instantly see if a prospective tenant’s details are flagged in the NFD, indicating potential fraudulent activity.

By utilising these advanced integrations, Goodlord PRO creates a robust defence against potential risks. It allows us to identify and eliminate fraudulent applications before they become problematic. This detailed approach saves you time and money and protects your valuable investment from potential damages or rent arrears.

Our dedicated team works closely with Goodlord to ensure a seamless and efficient experience, providing you with detailed reports and insights into each applicant’s suitability.

You gain access to this cutting-edge referencing technology by choosing Crown Luxury Homes. This technology ensures that only genuine, trustworthy tenants who will cherish and respect your luxury property are passed. Thorough tenant referencing is not just a formality but an essential investment in the long-term success of your high-end rental property.

How Does Our Tenant Referencing System Work?

We understand tenant referencing is crucial in protecting your investment and ensuring a successful tenancy. With Goodlord PRO, the referencing process is streamlined and secure. Prospective tenants or guarantors submit their information directly through Goodlord’s secure online platform, eliminating the need for time-consuming paperwork and minimising the risk of errors or fraud.

Once the information is submitted, the Goodlord team, comprised of experienced referencing experts, takes over. They carefully verify all the details provided, including credit history, employment status, income, and previous rental references. The platform’s advanced algorithms and integrations with trusted sources like HMRC and credit bureaus further enhance the accuracy and reliability of the verification process.

Throughout the referencing process, we receive regular updates, which keep us informed of progress and any potential issues that may arise. In the unlikely event of a delay or missing information, the Goodlord team actively follows up with the applicant to ensure a timely resolution.

A comprehensive report is generated upon completion of the referencing process, providing a clear and concise overview of the applicant’s suitability as a tenant. The report includes a detailed assessment of their financial stability, rental history, and overall risk profile, allowing us to make informed decisions about our property lettings with the utmost confidence.

By partnering with Goodlord PRO, we ensure that your tenant referencing process is thorough, efficient, and tailored to your specific needs and preferences. We work closely with you to understand your requirements and provide personalised support throughout the process, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience.

Tenant Referencing Requirements

To ensure a successful tenant application through Goodlord PRO, we require the following details from prospective tenants:


Identification (ID)

  • All prospective tenants must provide valid and authentic identification matching the name on their application.
  • If applicable, proof of name change (e.g., marriage certificate, deed poll) must also be submitted.
  • For properties in England, the provided ID must satisfy the Right to Rent check, confirming the legal right to reside in the UK.


Credit History

  • Goodlord must be able to locate the applicant at the address provided in their application.
  • The applicant’s credit history should be clear of adverse credit events. If there are any, they must be less than £1,000 and resolved satisfactorily.


Income Verification

  • Prospective tenants must demonstrate sufficient income to meet the affordability ratio of 2.5 or higher, meaning their monthly income should be at least 2.5 times the monthly rent.


Residency History

  • If the applicant is currently renting, we need to verify their tenancy end date, confirm whether they have caused any damage to the property, and ensure that their rent payments have been made on time.
  • If the prospective tenant is not renting, this section will automatically be considered a pass.



Why Identity Verification is a Crucial Step in Tenant Referencing

We prioritise the security and integrity of our tenant referencing process when using Goodlord PRO. A crucial part of this is verifying the identity of each applicant to prevent fraud and ensure a safe and trustworthy tenancy.


To achieve this, we require all applicants to:

  • Authentic government-issued identification can include a passport, driving licence, or national identity card. The document must be valid and in the name provided on the application form.
  • Take a selfie photo during the application: This photo compares the applicant’s facial biometrics with the photo on their ID, ensuring a match and confirming their identity.

Goodlord PRO uses advanced technology to quickly and accurately validate ID documents, often providing near-instant results. However, if a manual review is required, their experienced team will meticulously assess the documents to ensure their authenticity.


Extra Checks and Considerations

  • If an applicant has changed their name, we require supporting documents such as a marriage certificate, divorce decree, or change of name deed poll.
  • For properties in England, tenants must also satisfy the Right to Rent legislation, which requires landlords to check potential tenants’ immigration status.
  • A manual review is conducted for added assurance if any ID is flagged as suspicious or lacks a photo.
  • If an ID is found to be fraudulent, the referencing process will cease immediately, and the application will be marked as a failure.

By adhering to these stringent identity verification measures, we uphold the highest standards of security and compliance, ensuring a safe and reliable experience for both landlords and tenants.



At Crown Luxury Homes, we are committed to providing comprehensive and professional service and ensuring a positive experience for both landlords and tenants.

Our stringent tenant referencing process, powered by Goodlord PRO, is just one aspect of our dedication to excellence in the luxury property market. Contact us today to discover how we can help you achieve your property goals with confidence and peace of mind.

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