Employment References

Employment verification is a cornerstone of any thorough tenant screening process, especially within the luxury rental market. This crucial reference provides valuable insights into a tenant’s financial stability and ability to meet their rental obligations consistently.

At Crown Luxury Homes, we recognise the importance of verifying a tenant’s current employment status, income level, and history of consistent earnings. This information allows us to assess a tenant’s financial suitability for your premium property, ensuring long-term financial security and minimising the risk of late payments or defaults.

By partnering with Crown Luxury Homes, you gain access to our expertise in navigating the intricacies of employment verification. We leverage our established network and meticulous approach to gather accurate and reliable information, empowering you to make informed decisions confidently.

Rental History References

Moving beyond employment verification, looking into a tenant’s rental history through previous landlord references is critical in the London luxury rental market. This valuable piece of the puzzle unveils a prospective tenant’s past experiences and behaviour as a renter, offering invaluable insights into their:

  • Payment history: Consistent and timely rent payments are essential for maintaining financial stability in your investment property. By contacting previous landlords, we can verify the tenant’s track record of meeting their financial obligations on time and in full.
  • Behaviour as a tenant: Responsible and respectful tenants are paramount for preserving the value and condition of your luxury property. Previous landlord references can shed light on the tenant’s adherence to lease agreements, overall behaviour towards the property and neighbours, and any history of disruptive or damaging conduct.
  • Care for the property: It is crucial to maintain the pristine condition of your luxury property. By speaking with previous landlords, we can assess the tenant’s past record of upholding property standards, including cleanliness, maintenance, and overall care for the premises.


Crown Luxury Homes understands the significance of meticulous reference checks and leverages our expertise to gather comprehensive information from previous landlords. By doing so, we present a clear picture of the tenant’s past performance, allowing you to make informed decisions and select individuals who align with the high standards of your luxury properties.

Personal References

While employment and rental history provide valuable insights, a complete picture of a potential tenant requires examining their character and reliability. This is where personal references play a crucial role in the tenant screening process for luxury rentals.

Crown Luxury Homes encourages landlords to request personal references from individuals who can vouch for the tenant’s integrity, reliability, and suitability as a respectful and responsible occupant of your property. These references could include:

  • Friends and family: While potentially biased, close friends and family can offer valuable perspectives on the tenant’s overall character, sense of responsibility, and respect for others’ property.
  • Professional associates (outside of a current employer): References from colleagues or professional acquaintances outside of the tenant’s current employment can provide additional insight into their work ethic, reliability, and overall conduct.
  • Community members: Depending on the context, references from individuals within the tenant’s community (e.g., religious leaders, volunteers, coaches) can offer unique perspectives on their character, involvement in the community, and overall sense of responsibility.


By carefully selecting and contacting personal references, we gain a deeper understanding of the tenant’s personality, values, and overall suitability for residing in your luxury property.

Credit Check References

Credit checks are integral to thorough tenant screening, particularly in the premium rental market. This essential reference provides insightful information regarding a tenant’s financial responsibility, debt level, and overall credit history. By analysing their credit report, we gain valuable insights into the following:

  • Payment history: A credit report reveals a tenant’s past performance in meeting financial obligations, including credit card payments, loans, and potentially even past rent payments (depending on local regulations). This information helps us assess their likelihood of paying rent on time and in full, minimising the risk of late payments or defaults.
  • Debt level: A high level of debt can indicate potential financial strain for the tenant, impacting their ability to meet current and future financial obligations. By evaluating their debt level, we can assess their overall financial stability and ensure they possess sufficient resources to afford your luxury property’s rent comfortably.
  • Creditworthiness: A strong credit history signifies responsible financial management, indicating a higher likelihood of the tenant maintaining a stable tenancy and fulfilling their financial commitments. Conversely, a poor credit history may raise concerns about their financial capability and reliability as a tenant.


At Crown Luxury Homes, we understand the importance of responsible credit check practices. We adhere to all legal regulations and ensure transparency throughout the process. By leveraging our expertise, we acquire reliable and accurate credit information while safeguarding landlords’ and tenants’ privacy and rights.


In London’s competitive luxury rental market, meticulous tenant screening is essential to safeguarding your investment and creating a successful tenancy. By obtaining comprehensive references from potential tenants, including employment verification, rental history checks, personal references, and credit checks, you gain valuable insights into their financial stability, character, and suitability for your property.

At Crown Luxury Homes, we are committed to exceeding expectations by providing exceptional tenant screening services tailored to the unique demands of the London luxury property market. Our dedicated team utilises their extensive knowledge and expertise using our established network to gather accurate and reliable information, helping you confidently make informed decisions concerning your premium property.

Partner with Crown Luxury Homes and discover the exceptional difference. We look forward to assisting you in finding the perfect long-term tenant for your premium property.

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