Battersea Landmarks & History

Battersea Dogs’ Home (1860) is a renowned landmark with royal patronage. The Dogs’ Home has provided a safe haven for stray and unwanted dogs and cats since its relocation to the area in 1871.

The iconic art-deco style Battersea Power Station, designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott and opened in 1933, is now a redeveloped residential, commerce centre, and shopping destination and remains a prominent landmark on the London skyline.

The borough of Kensington and Chelsea enjoys seamless connectivity with Battersea through a network of road and rail bridges spanning the River Thames. The Albert Bridge (1873) is another iconic landmark adorned with nightly illuminations. It features a unique combination of iron cantilever and suspension design, adding a touch of fanciful elegance to the cityscape.

The Battersea Bridge (1890) you see today is a successor to a previous wooden bridge built in the late 18th century and was immortalised in a notable nocturne by the revered American artist James McNeill Whistler.

Battersea has a fascinating past, evidenced by its historical sites like the Dutch-gabled Raven public house (17th century) and the Old Battersea House (late 17th century). The area also boasts the parish church of St. Mary (originally 11th century), the Vicarage, and Devonshire House, all echos of different eras.

Transportation: Getting Around Battersea

Battersea enjoys a prime location within the London Borough of Wandsworth, in South West London. Its proximity to the city centre and excellent transport connectivity make it a highly desirable residential neighbourhood.

The area boasts direct rail links to central London hubs like Waterloo and London Victoria via bustling Clapham Junction station. The recent Northern Line underground extension into Battersea, featuring new stations at Nine Elms and Battersea Power Station, further enhances its connectivity. These exceptional transport links and a wealth of local amenities solidify Battersea’s reputation as one of London’s most sought-after places to live.

Battersea enjoys excellent accessibility thanks to a well-developed transportation network, including:

  • Tube Stations: Residents have convenient access to several London Underground stations, including Battersea Power Station, Sloane Square, and South Kensington, offering swift connections to various city districts and just a ten-minute journey to the centre of London.
  • Bus Routes: A comprehensive network serves the area, providing easy access to different parts of London for daily commutes, leisure trips, and exploring nearby neighbourhoods.
  • Train Stations: Battersea is well-served by rail connections, with proximity to Clapham Junction, a central national rail hub offering connections to destinations across the country.


Beyond traditional transportation methods, residents can also access alternative options for getting around the area, like the Uber Boat service on the River Thames, providing a scenic and convenient way to travel.

The Tube

Local Amenities in Battersea

Battersea offers diverse local amenities catering to various interests and lifestyles. Here is a glimpse into some of the highlights:

  • Battersea Power Station: This iconic landmark, transformed into a thriving district, boasts luxury apartments, offices, and a variety of retail spaces.
  • Battersea Park: A cherished 200-acre green space featuring a zoo, boating lake, sports facilities, and a stunning Peace Pagoda.
  • The Battersea Arts Centre: A vibrant hub for innovative performances, hosting theatre, comedy, and live music while encouraging community engagement.
  • The Battersea Dogs and Cats Home: A renowned animal welfare charity providing shelter, care, and rehoming for dogs and cats.
  • The River Thames: This iconic waterway offers scenic views, sightseeing tours, and various water activities.
  • Northcote Road: A popular destination for trendy boutiques, independent shops, diverse restaurants, and a lively weekly market.


Battersea tantalises taste buds with a diverse culinary scene. From trendy cafes and lively gastropubs to world cuisine restaurants, there is something to satisfy every palate.

Whether you seek unique finds or everyday essentials, Battersea’s varied shopping options cater to your needs. Browse charming boutique shops, explore bustling markets overflowing with fresh produce and local crafts, or visit established retail centres for a wider selection.

Beyond the every day, Battersea offers a fantastic entertainment scene. Catch the latest productions at renowned theatres like The Battersea Arts Centre, which is known for its innovative and diverse performances.

Immerse yourself in cinematic experiences at local cinemas, including The Cinema in the Power Station, featuring state-of-the-art Dolby Cinema screens and luxurious reclining seating, or The Cinema in the Arches, offering a more intimate experience with bespoke screens and craft beers. Additionally, enjoy live music performances at dedicated venues. Whether your passion lies in theatre, film, or music, you’ll find an outlet for your cultural pursuits.


Schools and Education in Battersea

Battersea caters to the educational needs of individuals at various stages of life, offering a diverse selection of esteemed and well-regarded institutions.


Early Years and Primary

Parents seeking options for their younger children can find numerous high-quality nurseries and well-regarded primary schools. Several schools in Battersea, like Chestnut Grove Academy, Battersea Park School, and Falconbrook Primary School, have received “Outstanding” ratings from Ofsted inspections.


Secondary Education

Students approaching secondary education benefit from various choices, including Ark Bolingbroke Academy and Harris Academy Battersea, both known for their strong academic focus. Saint John Bosco College is a renowned Catholic secondary school for boys, and Emanuel School offers a prestigious co-educational independent education experience.


Beyond Secondary

South Thames College provides vocational training and higher education opportunities for individuals pursuing further education. Furthermore, the University of Roehampton’s Southlands College campus is conveniently located within the borough, while other universities like King’s College London are easily accessible.

Beyond the listed institutions, specialist schools like the London Nautical School for boys interested in maritime education and the London Oratory School for boys seeking a Roman Catholic education offer unique educational pathways.

Housing and Property in Battersea

Battersea presents a diverse housing landscape, catering to a range of preferences and budgets. From Victorian terraced houses dripping with original features to modern apartment developments in thriving districts like Nine Elms, the area offers something for everyone.

One of Battersea’s distinct features is the abundance of original, large, stylish Victorian terraced houses constructed in the late 19th century. Many have been converted into individual apartments, combining classic charm and contemporary living.

Nine Elms is a modern burgeoning district within Battersea that boasts cutting-edge residential projects. While these contemporary apartments come with a premium price tag, they offer sleek design and proximity to the area’s vibrant new developments.

Renting in Battersea reflects the broader London market, with prices varying based on location, size, and property features. Battersea continues to evolve, with exciting new projects on the horizon. Residents can expect the housing market to adapt and diversify further, offering more comprehensive options for buyers and renters in the coming years.

The Battersea Power Station site is at the centre of a transformative project poised to reshape the city’s landscape. This ambitious undertaking promises the creation of a vibrant, mixed-use neighbourhood and a vital business quarter for London.

Residents will find a diverse range of housing options, while many shops, bars, restaurants, cafes, and offices will cater to the needs of residents and visitors alike. Over 19 acres of public space will be woven throughout the development, fostering a sense of community and offering an escape into nature amidst the urban environment.

Riverlight Quay

Safety and Security

Battersea has undergone significant development in recent years, with ongoing gentrification contributing to a perceived increase in safety. This is attributed to factors like the construction of new residential and commercial properties, improvements to public spaces, and the enhancement of community services.

However, it is essential to remember that, as with any large city, crime can still occur. Therefore, residents are encouraged to remain vigilant, taking standard safety precautions such as being aware of their surroundings, securing their belongings, and opting for well-lit and populated areas, particularly at night.

Maintaining a safe and secure environment is a top priority for Battersea residents. Battersea enjoys a positive reputation for safety, with crime rates currently generally below the London average.

Official statistics: According to UKCrimeStats, the overall crime rate in Battersea, as of 2023, falls within the “medium” category, with a rate of approximately 89.4 crimes per thousand population. This falls below the average crime rate for the wider London area.

Battersea is further building a stronger sense of security through various community-driven initiatives. The Metropolitan Police Service actively engages with residents through the Battersea Park Safer Neighbourhood Team. This dedicated team works closely with the community to address local concerns, provide crime prevention advice, and foster a positive relationship with residents.

Additionally, neighbourhood watch programs encourage residents to connect with neighbours and report suspicious activity, further strengthening the sense of community and vigilance.

Overall, Battersea offers a safe and secure environment thanks to its relatively low crime rates and the commitment of the authorities and the community to uphold safety and well-being.


Disclaimer: It’s important to note that crime rates can fluctuate, so staying informed through official channels like the Metropolitan Police Service is recommended.

Culture and Events

Throughout the year, Battersea comes alive with a diverse range of events and festivals, including:

  • The Battersea Community Festival: The Battersea Community Festival, a vibrant event brimming with local spirit, has its roots in two previous gatherings. It evolved from the Falcon Road Festival, held in 2017, 2018, and 2019, and the Battersea Jubilee Festival, a collection of events celebrating Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee last year. This new iteration retains the essence of its predecessors, bringing together people from all walks of life for a day of merriment and community spirit.
  • Seasonal Celebrations: From festive Christmas markets to lively summer fairs, Battersea embraces the changing seasons with various cultural celebrations.
  • Art Exhibitions: Explore the creative spirit at local art galleries, showcasing ever-changing works by established and emerging artists. Look out for the Affordable Art Fair held in Battersea Park. Browse thousands of original contemporary artworks priced from £50 to £7,500, presented by a curated selection of galleries.


Artistic Hubs

  • Battersea Arts Centre: This renowned venue hosts innovative theatre, comedy, and live music, fostering artistic expression and community engagement.
  • House of Vans London: This cultural space offers a platform for skateboarding, music, art, and creative workshops, fostering a vibrant youth culture scene.


London’s broader cultural landscape is easily accessible, with renowned museums, galleries, and theatres just a short journey away. Overall, Battersea offers a thriving cultural scene, catering to diverse interests and enriching the lives of residents and visitors alike.

Local Community

Battersea has built a strong sense of community by offering various resources and initiatives that connect residents and cultivate belonging. These include:


Community Hubs

  • Community Centres: Dedicated centres like the Latchmere Community Centre and the Nine Elms Community Centre provide a space for residents to gather, participate in activities, and access resources.
  • Libraries: Local libraries, such as Battersea Library and De Beauvoir Library, offer a haven for bookworms, hosting events, providing internet access, and acting as community information hubs.


Religious Diversity

Battersea embraces religious diversity, with various places of worship catering to different faiths. From the historic St. Mary’s Church (Church of England) to the Battersea Islamic Centre and the Battersea Synagogue, residents can find a spiritual home close to home.


Events and Initiatives

  • The Battersea Community Festival: This annual celebration fosters community spirit through live music, performances, and family-friendly activities.
  • Neighbourhood Watch Programs: These resident-led initiatives promote vigilance and encourage neighbourly connections.
  • Volunteer Opportunities: Numerous organisations offer opportunities for residents to volunteer their time and talents, fostering a sense of shared purpose and social responsibility.


Battersea’s vibrant community life offers opportunities for connection, fostering a sense of belonging and enriching the lives of its residents.


Useful Resources

Local Authorities

Wandsworth Borough Council:

Battersea Park Authority:


Neighbourhood Associations

Battersea Reach Residents’ Association:

Nine Elms Residents’ Association:


Government Services




Emergency Services

Emergency Services: Dial 999


Healthcare Facilities

NHS Direct: 111

St. George’s Hospital: (020 8725 1251)


Utility Providers

Thames Water (Water):

UK Power Networks (Electricity):

SGN (Gas):


Additional Resources

Metropolitan Police Service (Battersea Park Safer Neighbourhood Team):

Battersea Community Festival:


Note: This information is intended for general informational purposes only and may not be exhaustive. Please refer to the official websites of the listed organisations for the most up-to-date information.