The History of Farringdon & Clerkenwell

Clerkenwell has a long history dating back to the 11th century. Clerkenwell was once home to prominent monasteries and later emerged as a haven for radical thought and political movements. Today, its cobbled streets echo the past, while contemporary art galleries and design studios paint a picture of modern reinvention.

Farringdon was once an industrial hub but has undergone a remarkable transformation. Its Victorian architecture now houses trendy restaurants, cutting-edge tech companies, and bustling markets, showcasing a seamless fusion of heritage and innovation.

Farringdon & Clerkenwell Landmarks

  • Smithfield Market: This historic market, dating back to the 9th century, remains a vibrant hub for fresh produce, meat, and artisanal delights.
  • Clerkenwell Green: A charming oasis amidst the urban landscape, this historic square exudes tranquillity and hosts lively events throughout the year.
  • Exmouth Market: A haven for foodies, this bustling market boasts an array of independent cafes, restaurants, and street food stalls catering to every palate.
  • Charterhouse: Once a Carthusian monastery, this serene complex now houses a peaceful garden and museum, offering a glimpse into monastic life.
  • St. Bartholomew’s Hospital: Founded in 1123, this iconic landmark is a testament to London’s rich medical history and continues offering world-class healthcare.

Beyond these iconic sites, Farringdon and Clerkenwell offer visitors plenty of other hidden gems waiting to be discovered. Independent boutiques showcasing unique craftsmanship, hidden bars tucked away in alleyways, and vibrant street art adorning brick walls provide an authentic, off-the-beaten-path experience.

Charterhouse in Farringdon & Clerkenwell


Transport Link: Kings Cross St Pancras Train Station Near Farringdon

Getting around Farringdon and Clerkenwell is easy, thanks to their excellent connectivity to London’s extensive transportation network. Whether you’re arriving by tube, bus, train, or bicycle, exploring these neighbourhoods is effortlessly convenient. Here is a breakdown of how you can get around the neighbourhoods.

Tube Stations

  • Farringdon Station: This major interchange offers access to the Circle, Hammersmith & City, Metropolitan, and Thameslink lines, directly connecting various parts of London.
  • Barbican Station: Situated on the Circle, Hammersmith & City, and Metropolitan lines, this station conveniently serves the northern fringe of Clerkenwell.
  • Chancery Lane Station: Connected to the Central line, this station offers quick access to Oxford Street and the West End.


Bus Routes

  • Farringdon Street: A major artery served by numerous buses, including the 55, 63, 205, and night buses N19 and N63.
  • Clerkenwell Road: Well-connected with buses like the 55, 63, 243, and N19, offering easy access to different areas.
  • Exmouth Market: Served by the 63 and 388 buses, directly linking to nearby Angel and King’s Cross.


Train Stations

  • City Thameslink Station: Offers access to national rail services and the Thameslink network, perfect for connecting to Gatwick and Luton airports.
  • King’s Cross St. Pancras International: Just a short walk away, this central hub provides Eurostar services to mainland Europe, ideal for international travellers.



  • Dedicated cycle lanes and quiet backstreets make cycling a convenient and healthy way to explore. Santander Cycles docking stations are readily available for rentals.



  • The compact nature of Farringdon and Clerkenwell makes walking a delightful option. Cobbled streets and hidden alleyways offer charming discoveries along the way.


Proximity to Major Hubs

  • King’s Cross St. Pancras International, a central transportation hub offering Eurostar services and connections to various airports, is within walking distance, making international travel seamless.
  • Liverpool Street Station, another key hub for national and international connections, is a short tube ride away.


With such accessible and diverse transportation options, exploring Farringdon and Clerkenwell is a stress-free experience.


Local Amenities

With such a diverse and vibrant range of local amenities, Farringdon and Clerkenwell cater to every taste and interest. Whether you seek a Michelin-starred meal, a unique shopping experience, or a night filled with cultural indulgence, these dynamic neighbourhoods offer something for everyone.

Gastronomic Delights

  • Upscale Dining: Savour exquisite culinary experiences at Michelin-starred restaurants like The Fat Duck, Hélène Darroze, and Murano, or indulge in contemporary British fare at The Laughing Man and St. John Bread and Wine.
  • Trendy Cafes: Fuel your adventures with a coffee fix at hip cafes like Prufrock Coffee, Notes Clerkenwell, and Redemption Roasters, each offering a unique ambience and delicious bites.
  • Global Flavours: Embark on a culinary journey worldwide with options like Japanese tapas at Roka, modern Indian cuisine at Dishoom, and authentic Italian fare at Padella.


Retail Therapy

  • Luxury Boutiques: Indulge in high-end fashion at designer stores like Alexander McQueen, Tom Ford, and Stella McCartney, all in trendy streets.
  • Independent Gems: Unearth unique treasures at independent boutiques like Labour & Wait, The Pinstripe & Pocket Square, and Present London, showcasing artisan crafts and local designers.
  • Speciality Shops: Discover hidden gems like Rosenthal and Wolf & Badger, offering curated homeware collections, stationery, and gifts.
Fine Dining in Farringdon & Clerkenwell

Cultural & Entertainment Hub

  • Theatreland: Immerse yourself in the magic of live performances at Sadler’s Wells, a renowned dance venue, or catch a classic at the Almeida Theatre or The Barbican, renowned for its diverse repertoire.
  • Independent Cinemas: Escape the mainstream at The Everyman Cinema and Curzon Cinemas, showcasing independent films and foreign-language gems.
  • Art & Galleries: From the renowned Whitechapel Gallery and The House of Illustration to hidden studios and pop-up exhibitions, art lovers are spoilt for choice.
  • Live Music: Enjoy up-and-coming musicians at iconic venues like The Slaughtered Lamb and The Eagle, or unwind with live jazz at The Sebright Arms.


Parks & Recreation

  • Clerkenwell Green: Relax amidst the greenery of this historic square, perfect for picnics, lunchtime strolls, or enjoying outdoor events.
  • St. Bartholomew’s Gardens: Discover hidden tranquillity within this peaceful walled garden, offering respite from the city buzz.
  • Canal-side Walks: Explore the scenic Regent’s Canal, perfect for a stroll or a scenic bike ride.
  • Fitness Options: Stay active with gyms like Gymbox Farringdon and boutique fitness studios offering various classes.
Art Gallery

Local Schools & Education

Book laid out for studying along with a note book with notes inside it.

Farringdon and Clerkenwell offer diverse educational options, catering to families with children of all ages and academic aspirations. Local schools include:


Preschool & Primary Education

  • Highly Regarded Options: Several well-regarded primary schools are located within the area, including City of London Primary Academy, Moreland Primary School, and St. Alban’s Church of England Primary School, all boasting strong academic records and supportive learning environments.
  • Unique Offerings: Independent preparatory schools like The New School and Dallington School provide innovative and personalised learning experiences for families seeking alternative approaches.


Secondary Schools

  • Prestigious Institutions: The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and Central Saint Martins, both world-renowned universities, are situated within Clerkenwell and offer exceptional secondary education options.
  • Comprehensive Choices: Local state-funded secondary schools like Islington Arts & Media School and Camden School for Girls provide high-quality education within the community.


Higher Education

  • Academic Powerhouses: City, University of London, a prominent institution offering a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, is located in the heart of Farringdon.
  • Specialist Institutions: Guildhall School of Music and Drama, renowned for its performing arts programs, and The Bartlett School of Architecture, a globally recognised architecture school, contribute to the vibrant academic landscape.


Beyond Traditional Education

  • Creative Hubs: The area is brimming with independent art schools, design studios, and language schools, providing diverse learning opportunities for adults and young adults.
  • Tech Focus: With its thriving tech scene, Farringdon offers exciting apprenticeship and internship opportunities for those seeking careers in the digital world.


With many educational options, families can find the perfect environment to nurture their children’s academic and personal growth. Farringdon and Clerkenwell offer a dynamic and stimulating learning landscape.

Housing and Properties

Farringdon and Clerkenwell boast a dynamic and desirable housing market, attracting residents seeking a vibrant lifestyle steeped in historic charm. While property prices tend to be higher than the London average, reflecting the area’s exclusivity and central location, diverse options cater to various budgets and preferences.


Luxury Living and Architectural Gems

Luxury apartments and penthouses within converted Victorian warehouses or contemporary high-rises are available for those seeking the ultimate indulgence. Rental prices for such properties can range from £5,000 to £20,000 per month, offering spacious layouts, high-end finishes, and stunning city views.

Beyond luxury options, the area offers a unique blend of architectural styles. Converted Georgian townhouses, charming Victorian terraces, and repurposed industrial buildings provide an unparalleled character. Many properties retain original features like exposed brickwork, cast-iron columns, and high ceilings, offering a captivating mix of history and modern comfort.


New Developments on the Horizon

Several exciting new developments are transforming the landscape of Farringdon and Clerkenwell. These projects, including the redevelopment of Smithfield Market and the construction of new residential towers, enhance the area’s appeal further and inject a contemporary touch while preserving its unique heritage.

Whether you seek a characterful period property, a modern apartment with all the latest amenities, or a luxurious haven, Farringdon and Clerkenwell offer diverse housing options.

Important Note: It is crucial to remember that property prices and rental figures can fluctuate depending on the specific property, location, and market conditions. Consulting a qualified professional for up-to-date information is highly recommended.

Safety and Security

While no neighbourhood is immune to crime, Farringdon and Clerkenwell generally enjoy a moderate to high safety rating compared to the wider London area. Crime statistics vary depending on the specific location within the neighbourhoods, with certain areas experiencing slightly higher rates.


Crime Rates

  • It is crucial to rely on official sources like the Metropolitan Police Service website for up-to-date crime statistics specific to your desired location within Farringdon and Clerkenwell.
  • Remember that crime rates are just one factor to consider. Personal vigilance and taking sensible precautions remain essential.


Safety Measures

  • The Metropolitan Police Service maintains a visible presence in the area, with regular patrols and community engagement initiatives.
  • Many streets are well-lit, and CCTV cameras are present in key areas, deterring criminal activity.
  • Property developers in new developments often prioritise security features like secure entry systems and concierge services.


Community Initiatives

  • Both Farringdon and Clerkenwell have active Neighbourhood Watch schemes where residents collaborate with police to report suspicious activity and promote community safety.
  • Regular community meetings and engagement events allow residents to voice concerns and stay informed about local safety initiatives.


Tips for Staying Safe

  • Remain aware of your surroundings, especially at night.
  • Use well-lit paths and avoid secluded areas.
  • Be cautious of personal belongings and avoid carrying large sums of cash.
  • Report any suspicious activity to the police immediately.


Ultimately, safety is a shared responsibility. By being aware of your surroundings, taking precautions, and engaging with local initiatives, you can maintain Farringdon and Clerkenwell’s safe and vibrant atmosphere.


Culture and Events

Farringdon and Clerkenwell are bursting with cultural energy, offering a diverse calendar of events, festivals, and exhibitions throughout the year. From renowned art institutions to vibrant street fairs, there is something to captivate every interest.


Annual Events & Festivals

  • Clerkenwell Design Week: This flagship event (held in May) transforms the neighbourhood into a design innovation hub, showcasing the latest trends and attracting international crowds.
  • London Design Festival: Spanning multiple locations across London, this prestigious festival (held in September) features exhibitions, installations, and talks focused on all design aspects, with many events happening in Farringdon and Clerkenwell.
  • Clerkenwell Open Studios: Held in Spring and Autumn, this event opens the doors of artists’ studios, offering a unique glimpse into their creative processes and showcasing a variety of artistic disciplines.
  • Farringdon Community Festival: This vibrant celebration (held in July) unites the neighbourhood with live music, street food, family activities, and a community spirit.
  • Christmas Markets: Both Farringdon and Clerkenwell host charming Christmas markets in December, offering festive shopping, seasonal treats, and a magical atmosphere.


Art & Culture Hub

  • Barbican Centre: Housing renowned exhibitions, a diverse performance program, and a cinema, the Barbican is a cornerstone of London’s cultural scene.
  • Museum of London: Explore London’s rich history and vibrant present through permanent and temporary exhibitions at this fascinating museum.
  • Whitechapel Gallery: Home to groundbreaking contemporary art and historical exhibitions, the Whitechapel Gallery is a must-visit for art enthusiasts.
  • The House of Illustration: Dedicated to the art of illustration, this gallery showcases diverse exhibitions and educational programs.
  • Independent Galleries: Both neighbourhoods boast a thriving scene of independent galleries showcasing emerging and established artists across various mediums.


Beyond the Galleries

  • Street Art & Murals: Explore the hidden gems of street art adorning brick walls and alleyways, discovering the work of local and international artists.
  • Live Music & Theatre: From intimate jazz bars to renowned performance venues like Sadler’s Wells, the area offers diverse live music and theatrical experiences.
  • Independent Cinemas: Catch independent films, foreign-language gems, and classics at The Everyman Cinema and Curzon Cinemas.
  • Talks & Workshops: Local institutions and organisations regularly host thought-provoking discussions, workshops, and events covering diverse topics.


Staying Informed

  • Websites like Time Out London, Design Week, and the Barbican Centre provide regularly updated listings of events and exhibitions.
  • Following local social media accounts and community newsletters lets you stay informed about upcoming happenings.


With its vibrant and ever-evolving cultural scene, Farringdon and Clerkenwell offer endless opportunities to engage with art, history, and contemporary ideas.