Its origins trace back centuries, with evidence suggesting a potential Roman or pre-Roman route. This enduring presence offers a real-life link to London’s rich past and one that is attractive for those seeking to make a home here.

Over the years, Old Street has witnessed remarkable changes, notably its recent evolution into the thriving technology cluster affectionately known as ‘Silicon Roundabout’. This transformation exemplifies London’s ability to reinvent itself, a place where centuries-old buildings stand alongside hubs of digital entrepreneurship.

Today, the area resonates with the energy of startups, media companies, and diverse creative enterprises. This dynamic environment spills into Old Street’s cafes, bars, and independent shops, attracting a mix of tech-savvy professionals and those drawn to its spirited atmosphere.

The iconic Old Street Roundabout, a symbol of progress and enduring identity, is a pivotal point of navigation. Meanwhile, the world-renowned Barbican Centre, a masterpiece of brutalist architecture, offers a magnetic hub for theatre, music, cinema, and visual arts. Old Street captivates visitors and locals alike, a place where the past firmly imprints on the present, and innovation drives the area’s future.


Old Street boasts an excellent connection to London’s extensive transport network, making it easy to commute or explore other parts of the city. The area is directly served by Old Street Station on the Northern Line of the London Underground, which provides rapid links to central London destinations.

Additionally, Moorgate Station is within easy walking distance, offering connections to the Circle, Hammersmith & City, Metropolitan, and Northern lines, further expanding travel options.

Old Street is also a central hub for numerous bus routes, ensuring convenient access to destinations across the wider city. If you require mainline rail connections, the major transport hubs of Liverpool Street Station (serving mainline rail, London Overground, and several Underground lines) and King’s Cross St. Pancras International (for national rail, international routes on the Eurostar, and numerous Underground lines) are readily accessible. This excellent connectivity simplifies journeys for workers, residents, and visitors alike.

Whether you need to reach other parts of London for work, explore the capital’s renowned attractions, or connect to destinations further afield, Old Street puts you at the heart of the city’s transport network.

The Tube

Local Amenities

Old Street and its surrounding neighbourhoods provide endless amenities, guaranteeing something for everyone, whether you are a foodie, art lover, or night owl.

Restaurants and Cafes: Fuel your day at one of Old Street’s many independent coffee shops, renowned for their expertly brewed coffee and welcoming atmosphere. When hunger strikes, the area’s global culinary scene won’t disappoint. Discover tucked-away restaurants serving authentic flavours from around the world, or opt for buzzing eateries specialising in innovative fusion cuisine. For a lively market experience, head to Whitecross Street Market for delicious lunchtime street food.

Shopping: Shoreditch and Clerkenwell beckon shoppers with their independent spirit. Seek out vintage treasures, admire cutting-edge fashion from emerging designers, or lose yourself in stores offering beautiful homeware and unique gifts. Take the chance to explore Redchurch Street, a haven for independent brands and concept stores.

Entertainment: Culture lovers are spoiled for choice. The world-renowned Barbican Centre offers an outstanding mix of theatre performances, film screenings, visual art exhibitions, and live music, while Sadler’s Wells is an internationally acclaimed dance venue. Old Street also showcases intimate cinemas and live music venues where you can discover rising stars and underground acts.

Nightlife: When day turns to night, the vibrant energy of Shoreditch and Hoxton comes alive. Whether you are tempted by cocktail bars with skilled mixologists, traditional pubs with a warm welcome, or lively clubs where you can dance till dawn, you will find your perfect spot. From rooftop bars with stunning city views to quirky underground haunts, Old Street’s nightlife scene is as diverse as it is exciting.

Tech & Innovation

Old Street’s transformation into the vibrant ‘Silicon Roundabout’ has placed it at the forefront of London’s thriving technology and startup landscape.

The area teems with activity, boasting major tech companies, exciting startups and a wealth of resources designed to propel innovation forward. Co-working spaces abound, offering flexible work environments, a collaborative atmosphere, and a gateway into the tech community.

Established spaces like WeWork and TechHub act as launchpads for entrepreneurs, providing not just desks and infrastructure but also access to mentorship, funding opportunities, and invaluable business networks

Recognising the area’s potential, major international tech companies have chosen Old Street as their headquarters or innovation hubs. This influx brings a concentration of top talent, sparking exciting developments in fields ranging from fintech to artificial intelligence.

Staying connected is critical in a rapidly evolving sector, and Old Street delivers. Tech conferences, industry meetups, and networking events abound, offering platforms to learn about the latest technologies, exchange ideas, and secure crucial partnerships or investments.

Old Street’s ecosystem is designed to nurture tech ventures throughout their lifecycle, from initial concept to scaling and growth. Accelerators and incubators offer structured support for early-stage startups, while venture capitalists seek the next disruptive idea.

Whether you are an entrepreneur seeking a launchpad, an investor aiming to discover promising businesses, or a tech professional eager to join a dynamic community, Old Street’s energy is infectious, and its opportunities are undeniable.

Safety and Security

Like any international urban centre, Old Street requires a common-sense approach to personal safety and security. However, the area benefits from a multi-layered approach focused on crime prevention, infrastructure improvements, and community engagement, creating a safer environment for everyone who lives, works, and visits.

Enhanced Safety Measures: Old Street enjoys a visible police presence, particularly in high-traffic areas and during peak hours. This acts as a deterrent and allows for quicker response times if needed. CCTV systems are strategically placed throughout the region, aiding in investigating incidents and discouraging potential criminal activity. The emphasis on well-lit streets and walkways, especially in popular areas like the Old Street Roundabout, improves visibility and makes the area feel safer after dark.

Crime Statistics: While remaining aware of your surroundings is essential, don’t let fear limit your experience. Consulting official sources like the Metropolitan Police website ( grants access to up-to-date crime statistics specific to Old Street. This allows you to compare the area to the broader London average and provides an informed, realistic view.

Community Initiatives:  Residents and businesses in Old Street play a vital role in safety initiatives. Neighbourhood Watch programmes create alertness and cooperation, turning invested community members into an extension of crime prevention efforts. Strong partnerships between local authorities, the police, and businesses facilitate open communication, allowing tailored strategies to be developed in response to specific area concerns. These collaborations demonstrate a commitment to proactive problem-solving.

Local Community

Old Street’s dynamic atmosphere is not merely a product of innovative businesses and buzzing streets – a thriving sense of community also fuels it. The area offers a variety of spaces dedicated to bringing people together, building connections and a feeling of belonging:

  • Community Centres: These hubs act as vital gathering points, providing a central location for residents to socialise and participate in diverse activities. Look to centres like the Vibast Community Centre or St. Luke’s Community Centre for various classes, support services, and events catering to different interests. They offer a chance to connect with your neighbours, make new friends, and gain a sense of place within Old Street’s vibrant community.
  • Libraries: In addition to offering literary solace, modern libraries play a crucial role in community building. They run workshops, talks, and events that enhance community and learning. The Artizan Street Library & Community Centre is a fantastic example, showcasing how libraries can act as multi-purpose spaces for engagement.
  • Recreational Facilities: Stay active while engaging with others at diverse facilities near Old Street. These spaces can encompass everything from traditional gyms and sporting clubs to niche offerings like climbing centres, yoga studios, creative workshops and art spaces. They provide a platform for shared interests and a fun way to meet like-minded people.


Events and Festivals: Old Street showcases a colourful calendar of community-led events and festivals throughout the year. These celebrations often highlight the area’s artistic flair, cultural diversity, and entrepreneurial spirit. Keep an eye out for food festivals celebrating global cuisines, street art events showcasing local talent, and music events showcasing local talent. These tech-oriented gatherings drive innovation or quirky celebrations unique to the area.

Old Street’s numerous community groups, initiatives, and the vibrant events they organise create a strong sense of belonging for residents and visitors alike. Whether you seek to try a new skill, volunteer for a cause you are passionate about, or immerse yourself in vibrant community celebrations, Old Street offers a place to forge connections, feel part of something special, and enrich your experience within this unique and ever-evolving corner of London.

Schools and Education

While Old Street might not be a primarily residential neighbourhood, its central location and excellent transport links make it an appealing option for those living in nearby family-friendly areas. Here is a deeper look at educational possibilities:

Primary and Secondary Schools: Old Street falls within the catchment areas of several well-regarded schools. Some notable options to explore include:

It’s crucial always to check the most recent Ofsted reports (for inspection outcomes) and consult official school league tables for the latest performance data. Remember, catchment areas can change, so verifying eligibility based on your specific address is essential.

Further Education and Universities: Although not located directly on Old Street, the area’s superb transport connections provide convenient access to a vast array of further education and higher education institutions across London. City, University of London is within easy reach. Additionally, several respected colleges offering diverse vocational courses and specialist training can be found throughout London.

Family-Focused Resources: Beyond formal schooling, libraries in the area play a valuable role. The Artizan Street Library & Community Centre is a prime example, often hosting children’s reading groups, educational events, and activities catering to families. Local community centres offer a variety of family-oriented programs, playgroups, and resources. These spaces help families connect with others, aid children’s development, and access local support networks.

Old Street’s location offers a good balance of urban convenience and easy access to various educational options. By conducting in-depth research for your specific needs and constantly referring to official local authority websites for the most accurate catchment area information, families can make informed decisions about the best fit for their children’s education.


Useful Resources

Local Authorities

Depending on the precise location within Old Street, the relevant local authority will either be:

Community Organisations

Government Services

Emergency Services

  • In any life-threatening emergency, dial 999 or 112 for police, fire, or ambulance services.
  • For non-emergency police, contact: 101

Healthcare Facilities

Utility Providers

It is essential to verify your specific address to determine the correct local authority responsible for your area. The links provided in this guide are a starting point. Other local organisations and specific services may be more relevant to your needs.

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