As a premier cultural and entertainment hub, Southbank offers a lifestyle envied by many.

Residents here live within a few short steps of legendary landmarks like the London Eye, with its breathtaking city panoramas, and the renowned Southbank Centre, a thriving hub of arts and creative expression. You can enjoy a bit of gallery hopping around the world-famous Tate Modern and other local outstanding galleries—this could be your daily reality!

Southbank is a London district where urban sophistication and world-class entertainment meet. Discover an ever-changing calendar of festivals, street performers, pop-up markets, and the enticing aromas of globally inspired cuisine. This is a place to reside and revel, where life is constantly celebrated.


Southbank residents enjoy effortless ease of movement within London and beyond. The neighbourhood is exceptionally well-served by public transport, including:


Tube Stations

  • Waterloo Station: A central hub providing access to the Bakerloo, Jubilee, Northern, and Waterloo & City lines. The Bakerloo line zips you north to Oxford Circus and Regent’s Park. The Jubilee whisks you east to Canary Wharf or west to Bond Street. The Northern line offers direct routes to bustling hubs like King’s Cross and Camden. Meanwhile, the Waterloo & City line serves as a rapid shuttle to the city’s financial heart.
  • Southwark Station: Situated on the Jubilee line, it provides an alternative gateway to central London, particularly destinations like Green Park and Westminster.


Train Stations

  • Waterloo Station: As one of London’s largest and busiest stations, Waterloo connects you to a vast network of national rail services. Commute easily to southwest destinations like Reading and Windsor or catch trains venturing along the South Coast.
  • London Bridge Station: Offers an additional point for accessing the mainline rail network, with routes reaching southeast London, Brighton, and beyond. It also connects to the Jubilee and Northern underground lines, extending your travel options further.


Bus Routes

  • Southbank benefits from numerous bus routes, weaving through the area and connecting London’s many districts. Whether for short hops or longer journeys, a bus can often take you right where you need to go.


This transportation network easily connects all of London’s diverse districts. Whether commuting to the city’s financial centre, exploring historic areas, or venturing outwards for weekend escapes, Southbank provides the ideal starting point.

The Tube

Local Amenities

The Southbank district is a haven for discerning residents who crave a dynamic lifestyle. It offers a feast for the senses, a place where the culinary, cultural, and creative blend seamlessly.

Restaurants and Cafés: Experience an eclectic dining scene. Indulge in vibrant riverside restaurants boasting stunning city views. Embrace cosy cafes tucked between boutiques or savour the energy of street food markets showcasing global flavours. From Michelin-starred elegance to on-the-go deliciousness, Southbank satisfies every palate.

Shopping: Discover unique treasures away from the typical high street. Explore the independent boutiques within Oxo Tower Wharf or the charming Gabriel’s Wharf, where you might find handcrafted jewellery, artisanal homeware, or vintage fashion finds. Gift shops attached to cultural institutions offer curated selections inspired by art, theatre, and design.

Entertainment: A world-class stage awaits you. The National Theatre brings renowned productions to life. The BFI Southbank offers a haven for cinephiles, and the Royal Festival Hall resonates with both classical masterpieces and contemporary music performances. Immerse yourself in the magic of live theatre and lose yourself in the transformative world of music and film.

Art and Culture

Southbank is a sanctuary for art lovers and a catalyst for cultural experiences. Renowned institutions sit at the core of this dynamic landscape:

  • Tate Modern: Explore this powerhouse of modern and contemporary art, boasting a world-class collection that spans movements, mediums, and continents. Immerse yourself in groundbreaking exhibitions and discover iconic masterpieces in its striking industrial setting.
  • Hayward Gallery: Within the Southbank Centre, the Hayward Gallery offers a cutting-edge platform for contemporary art. Its dynamic program of exhibitions and installations showcases both established and rising artists, ensuring a constant flow of fresh perspectives and thought-provoking experiences.
  • Southbank Centre: This vibrant hub champions a diverse spectrum of the arts. From world-renowned orchestras to captivating literary events, the Southbank Centre is a place where creativity bursts to life.


Throughout the district, you will find regular festivals, pop-up installations, and vibrant outdoor performances throughout the South Bank, transforming the area into a living canvas. Art spills out of galleries, celebrating and challenging traditional artistic boundaries while engaging the city in creative dialogue.


The Southbank area offers boundless energy where iconic attractions offer thrills and unforgettable experiences, such as:

  • Immersive Adventures: Step into the darkly humorous world of the London Dungeon, where costumed actors guide you through London’s macabre past. Descend into the depths of SEA LIFE London Aquarium, encountering fascinating marine creatures from the world’s oceans. Or join Shrek and his fairytale friends on a captivating journey at Shrek’s Adventure! London.
  • River Adventures:  The Thames itself is a star attraction. Embark on sightseeing cruises, themed dinner cruises, or high-speed riverboats. Take in magnificent city views and iconic landmarks from a unique perspective on the water.
  • The London Eye: This observation wheel is a must. Ascend into the sky for breathtaking 360-degree panoramas of London. It’s an unforgettable way to experience the cityscape from above.

Housing and Property

The Southbank area of London presents a compelling mix of modern luxury and repurposed historic charm, creating a truly unique residential landscape. Its coveted riverfront position commands the attention of the most discerning buyer or renter.

  • Residential Variety: Southbank caters to diverse tastes. Sleek, modern apartment complexes have been developed with state-of-the-art amenities that rise in stark contrast alongside former historic industrial warehouses, offering reimagined and chic, spacious lofts. This blend of old and new speaks to Southbank’s evolving character and broad appeal. Expect to find a mix of rental and purchase options across a range of price points, though the area holds particular appeal to those seeking an elevated lifestyle.
  • Luxury Living: High-end developments define Southbank’s contemporary appeal. Residents of these properties often enjoy curated amenities such as concierge services, rooftop terraces, gyms, or resident lounges. Apartments boast quality finishes and smart technology integration, and many offer iconic London vistas.
  • Riverside Exclusivity: Living directly on the Thames has become the ultimate Southbank experience desired. These prime properties command premium prices due to their rarity and unobstructed views of the river, the London Eye, and the famous city skyline.
  • A Dynamic Market: Southbank’s popularity fuels a continuous cycle of regeneration. You can stay informed about new residential projects breaking ground, such as Triptych Bankside, which offers innovative design and luxurious features and the opportunity to be among the first to reside in these new neighbourhood developments.

Safety and Security

Southbank places a high priority on the safety and well-being of residents, businesses, and visitors. Proactive measures are in place to create a secure environment where you can feel confident.

Many cultural institutions, like the Southbank Centre, have dedicated security teams and surveillance systems. The area benefits from public CCTV monitoring to deter and respond to incidents.

Southbank falls under the jurisdiction of the Metropolitan Police. You will see regular patrols by foot and bicycle, especially around major attractions. Dedicated Business Crime Reduction Partnerships (BCRP) established communication between businesses and the police to address safety concerns collectively

There are plenty of Neighbourhood watch programmes and safety awareness campaigns across the area, which encourage residents and businesses to actively participate in maintaining a safe environment. Reporting suspicious activity and building community ties are vital components of this collaborative effort.

While, as in any large city, awareness and usual precautions are wise, Southbank is widely considered a safe area to live, work and visit. Crime rates tend to be lower than in other central London locations, particularly when taking into account the high footfall of tourists and visitors.

Parks and Recreation

It comes as no surprise to learn that Southbank’s urban energy and its close proximity to the centre of London are beautifully balanced by a surprising array of opportunities to enjoy nature and engage in active pursuits.

Parks and gardens in the area include Jubilee Gardens, a popular park near the London Eye, which offers both manicured lawns for lounging and a lively playground perfect for families. Smaller Bernie Spain Gardens, tucked away near Gabriel’s Wharf, provides a lush, intimate setting for a relaxing picnic or a moment of peaceful reflection.

The Thames Path unfolds as a scenic promenade along the South Bank, ideal for invigorating walks, energising runs, or leisurely bicycle rides while admiring London’s ever-changing skyline. Benches and lookout points offer spots for a meditative pause alongside the river’s flow.

You can stay active with plenty of outdoor fitness stations, providing a backdrop of city views for your workout. Areas like the Southbank Skate Space become hubs for a community of skateboarders and BMX enthusiasts, adding a touch of urban edge to the leisure scene.

The River Thames invites more adventurous recreation for those who love taking to the water. You can explore organised kayaking or paddle-boarding experiences, offering a unique perspective on the city from the water.

For those craving a more expansive escape, it is easy to hop across the river to Battersea Park. Enjoy its boating lake, sporting facilities, and peaceful expanses of greenery – all within easy reach due to Southbank’s excellent transport links.

Local Community

Southbank is not just about the iconic landmarks and cultural hotspots on its doorstep; it is a place where people from all walks of life call home and come together to build a welcoming and diverse community. This spirit of community connection finds expression in a variety of ways:

  • Community Hubs: The Abbey Centre, a well-established centre on Great Smith Street, is a hive of activity. Explore their diverse range of fitness classes, creative workshops, support groups, and social events. Libraries, such as those within the Southwark Libraries network, provide essential access to knowledge and technology. Beyond books, they host author talks, children’s story times, and community-led initiatives.
  • Faith Communities: Southbank embraces a wide variety of faith traditions. Discover historic churches alongside modern worship spaces serving diverse religious communities. These institutions offer spiritual guidance, of course, but also frequently form the backbone of social support networks, food banks, and other outreach programmes that address community needs.
  • Festive Celebrations: Southbank’s calendar is dotted with celebrations large and small. Major festivals, like the summertime “Underbelly Festival“, bring a carnival atmosphere with live music, comedy acts, and pop-up food stalls. Neighbourhood markets showcase local makers and cultivate a strong sense of “supporting your own”. Sponsored by institutions like the Southbank Centre, cultural events often incorporate community participation, celebrating global artistic traditions with performances, workshops, and immersive experiences.


The fabric of daily life in and around Southbank includes many independent cafes that have become “third spaces” where regulars meet up and engage in lively conversation. Small parks host informal gatherings of parents and toddlers, creating those first threads of social connection. These everyday moments contribute to the feeling that Southbank is not just a place to live but a place to truly belong.


Useful Resources

Settling into life in Southbank is made easier when you know where to find vital services. Below is a quick reference for essential contacts, websites, and institutions:


Local Government:

Southwark Council: – Provides information on bin collections, local taxes, planning applications, and numerous other resident services.


Emergency Services:

Police, Fire, Ambulance: 999 (for emergencies) or 101 (for non-urgent police matters)

The nearest hospital with A&E (Accident & Emergency) is St Thomas’ Hospital on Westminster Bridge Road, directly across the Thames from Southbank.



Finding your NHS GP (General Practitioner): For routine medical needs, Find your nearest doctor’s surgery.



Electricity and Gas: This service enables you to find out who your Gas Supplier is as well as your Meter Point Reference Number (MPRN) and Gas Transporter:

This service will help you find your electricity supplier:

Who to contact in a power cut: Call 105 free. You will be connected to your local electricity network operator’s emergency line.

Who to contact if you smell gas: Call the free National Gas Emergency Service immediately on 0800 111 999.

Water: Thames Water –