Preparing Utility Bills

A key aspect of settling into your new luxury London home is ensuring all the essential utilities are up and running. This includes electricity, gas (if applicable), water, and sewage services. Having these services activated before moving in is crucial for a comfortable and uninterrupted transition.


Scheduling utility connections as soon as you know your move-in date offers several benefits:

  • Avoids Delays: Utility companies often require processing time to establish new accounts and activate services. Planning ahead ensures your apartment is ready for you on day one, preventing any inconvenient delays.
  • Accurate Billing: Taking meter readings upon move-in allows for accurate billing based on your actual usage, avoiding any charges left behind by previous occupants.


Crown Luxury Homes will provide contact information for the utility providers servicing your apartment building. You can typically reach them by phone or online.


When contacting the providers, be prepared to share the following information:

  • Your Name: As it will appear on the utility bill.
  • Move-in Date: The exact date you will take possession of the apartment.
  • Service Address: The complete address of your new apartment.
  • Meter Readings (Optional): If you are able to access the meters before move-in, take note of the readings and provide them to the supplier for the most accurate billing.


It will help to set up direct debit payments to avoid late fees and ensure uninterrupted service.

Setting Up Internet and Wi-Fi

Staying connected in today’s digital world is essential. To secure a good deal and ensure the best service, take some time to research internet service providers before signing up for your service. Consider factors such as:

  • Speed: Think about your internet usage – streaming, gaming, video conferencing – and choose a plan that offers sufficient download and upload speeds. Crown Luxury Homes may have recommendations based on past tenant experiences.
  • Reliability: Research online reviews and compare uptime guarantees offered by different providers. Consistent and reliable internet access is crucial for a luxurious living experience.
  • Budget: Compare pricing plans and consider any introductory offers or bundling options (e.g., fibre broadband with TV packages) that provide better value.


Once you’ve chosen a provider, contact their customer service department to:

  • Discuss your internet usage needs and budget with the service representative to select the most suitable plan.
  • Schedule an installation appointment for a date after you have taken possession of your new residence. This ensures the technician can access your home to set up the equipment.
  • Inquire about any equipment you may need to rent or purchase from the provider (e.g., modem, router).


While most Crown Luxury apartments are pre-wired for internet, it is always good practice to confirm if any additional permissions are needed for the installation from your landlord.

The location of your Wi-Fi router can significantly impact signal strength throughout your apartment. Choose a central location with minimal obstructions for optimal coverage.

a white internet hub on a yellow background

Securing Other Essential Amenities

Beyond essential utilities, your property might offer access to various amenities like:

  • Landline Phones: While less common, some residents may prefer a landline phone for personal or business needs.
  • Smart Home Security Systems: Peace of mind is vital in your new home. Security systems offer various features to deter break-ins and monitor your home remotely.


Many TV,  phone, and home security companies offer bundled packages that might provide cost savings and convenience. Research providers or ask us for recommendations. When contacting providers, inquire about:

  • Package Options: Compare different packages based on features, pricing, and any promotional offers.
  • Installation Requirements: Understand the installation process and any potential disruptions during setup.
  • Contractual Obligations: Be aware of contract terms and early termination fees before signing up.


Organising Billing and Payment Methods

Once you have established your utilities and chosen additional amenities, setting up a system for managing your bills and payments is important. Consider setting up direct debit or automatic payments with your preferred providers to avoid late fees and potential service disruptions. This ensures timely payments and eliminates the hassle of manual bill payments.

It is crucial to familiarise yourself with each service’s billing cycle and payment due dates. Most providers offer online account management options, allowing you to easily monitor your usage, track upcoming payments, and go paperless with electronic billing.


Exploring Additional Services

Crown Luxury Homes understand that authentic luxury living extends beyond the exceptional features of your apartment. We may be able to secure optional services designed to elevate your lifestyle further and free up your valuable time. These may include:

  • Professional Cleaning: Maintain a spotless living environment with the convenience of in-home cleaning services.
  • Laundry and Dry Cleaning: Enjoy the luxury of having your laundry professionally cared for, allowing you to focus on more important matters.
  • Concierge Services: Benefit from personalised assistance with various tasks, from restaurant reservations to errand running.


If you are interested in exploring these or any other additional services, please don’t hesitate to inquire with us. We are happy to provide more information on availability, pricing, and how these services can further enhance your luxurious living experience at Crown Luxury Homes.



We understand that moving home can be a stressful experience, but by following this guide, you can ensure a smooth transition into your new luxury London home. Setting up your essential utilities and amenities in advance, where possible, is crucial for a comfortable and uninterrupted move-in day.

With all the necessary services activated and any additional amenities tailored to your preferences, you can start enjoying your luxurious living experience from the moment you step through the door.

Should you have any questions or require further assistance throughout this process, please don’t hesitate to contact our dedicated team at Crown Luxury Homes. We are here to make your move-in experience as stress-free and enjoyable as possible, allowing you to truly embrace the luxury lifestyle that awaits you.