Home Inspections

We establish a relationship with landlords to conduct a thorough quality assessment of the property, ensuring it aligns with contractual standards prior to delivery. Our comprehensive house inspection services cover everything you need. In cases where your presence isn’t possible, we’re equipped to conduct inspections on your behalf. This includes capturing detailed videos, photos, and relevant materials, and providing you with online reports for your convenience.

Interior Design

Newly constructed London apartments uphold a standard of exquisite finishing. Your focus lies solely on the interior soft furnishings.

The herron living area and dining area with cityscape views

For Owner-Occupiers:

Tailored to your budget and preferences, we offer recommendations for interior design and soft furnishing firms, delivering a personalised decor plan. Their expertise aligns with your chosen style and functional spaces, providing detailed design proposals, pricing, and scheduling.

For Investment Property Owners:

We suggest reputable furniture companies renowned in the industry. They offer a selection of cost- effective, pragmatic, and aesthetically pleasing furniture options. These experts design and configure furnishings based on space layout and functionality, maximising indoor utility. Our experience indicates that such furniture not only economises resources but also appeals to discerning tenants.

  • All interior furniture complies with UK health, safety, and fire safety regulations, with a standard warranty of two years.
  • Should you have any queries regarding the property within two years of delivery, our assistance remains available. Explore more about our interior design and furnishing services for further details.

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