Shoreditch embodies London’s cutting-edge spirit – a magnetic environment for students seeking a living experience that is as stimulating as it is unique. This former industrial heartland resonates with the energy of art galleries, street art installations, pop-up shops, and lively cafes brimming with a young, creative crowd. It is a place where the lines blur between art, fashion, and urban living.

Crown Luxury Homes understands the draw of Shoreditch, which offers a range of rental options that speak to the discerning student. Embrace the area’s industrial heritage with beautifully converted warehouse apartments boasting exposed brick and soaring ceilings, or consider sleek, modern lofts infused with artistic flair. For those desiring contemporary comfort, you can find a range of apartments blending clean lines, stylish furnishings, and a nod to Shoreditch’s creative atmosphere.

Beyond your living space, discover a playground of culinary adventures, vintage treasures, and electrifying nightlife. Explore Brick Lane’s renowned curry houses, browse the stalls of Spitalfields Market, or catch an independent film or art exhibition at the Rich Mix Cultural Centre. Rich Mix holds three cinema screens that show a curated selection of mainstream, independent, and international films. The centre boasts a dedicated gallery displaying exhibitions by local and international artists. It has a variety of flexible performance venues where you can experience up-and-coming artists across genres like theatre, comedy, music, and dance.

Shoreditch’s proximity to Queen Mary University makes it the perfect neighbourhood for students who want to be at the heart of London’s vibrant scene.

Canary Wharf

Iconic for its gleaming skyscrapers and cosmopolitan atmosphere, Canary Wharf offers an exceptional lifestyle experience for students who desire a blend of urban energy and refined living. This dynamic district beats with the pulse of international finance, making it a vibrant hub for ambitious minds and discerning tastes.

Canary Wharf rentals deliver a high level of style, emphasising sophistication and contemporary elegance. Choose from luxurious apartments featuring floor-to-ceiling windows and breathtaking views of the River Thames. For those seeking the ultimate exclusivity, consider riverside penthouses offering spacious terraces and the best city living. For students desiring a touch of hotel-style convenience, look for fully serviced residences within this thriving district.

Beyond your luxurious apartment, Canary Wharf delivers a wealth of experiences. Indulge in upscale dining with a riverfront ambience. Popular eating spots include Roka Canary Wharf, a sleek setting specialising in contemporary Japanese robata grill cuisine and sushi. Or for a taste of Scotland, how about Boisdale of Canary Wharf, with classic British fare and a focus on steaks and seafood, plus a renowned whiskey bar and regular live jazz performances? For something casual and trendy, why not try Big Easy Canary Wharf, serving American classics? This place has a lively atmosphere and is well known for its lobster rolls, barbecue platters, and generous portions.

Explore high-end boutiques in destinations like Cabot Place and Crossrail Place. Or step into history at the Museum of London Docklands, where you can immerse yourself in fashion history at the “Fashion City” exhibition. Step back in time to the vibrant tailoring workshops of the East End and the electrifying boutiques of Carnaby Street during the height of London’s Swinging Sixties. Explore how fashion evolved, becoming a powerful vehicle for individual expression, where each stitch reflects the captivating stories and personalities of the era.

Canary Wharf offers a unique balance of work and play, a sophisticated lifestyle, and easy access to Queen Mary University.


Step back in time and embrace the captivating charm of Wapping, a riverside neighbourhood where London’s maritime past seamlessly integrates with contemporary living. Imagine strolling along cobbled streets, passing beautifully restored warehouses that now house chic apartments and trendy boutiques. Take in breathtaking views of the River Thames, the lifeblood of this historic district, and discover a lifestyle unlike any other, all within easy reach of Queen Mary University.

Crown Luxury Homes understands the appeal of Wapping for discerning students, mainly because it offers rental properties that reflect the neighbourhood’s captivating spirit. Immerse yourself in the industrial heritage of a beautifully restored warehouse apartment featuring exposed beams, soaring ceilings, and oversized windows that showcase the riverfront. For those seeking modern elegance, choose from a range of flats boasting balconies overlooking the Thames, sleek lines, and bright, open living spaces.

Wapping invites you to look deeper than the surface appeal. Explore cosy cafes nestled in former dockside buildings and indulge in diverse dining options ranging from waterfront gastropubs to hidden culinary gems. Step back in time at historic pubs like the Prospect of Whitby, a Thames-side tavern dating back to the 1520s.

Because Wapping is primarily residential, there are a couple of nearby areas known for nightlife:

  • Shoreditch: Just a short hop from Wapping, Shoreditch offers a vibrant selection of clubs catering to various tastes. You will find everything from intimate basement clubs to larger warehouse venues here.
  • City of London: While more focused on bars and pubs, the City of London does have a few late-night spots turning into clubs with DJs and dancing as the night goes on.

Discover the captivating history of the area through Tobacco Dock, a complex of converted warehouses hosting an ever-changing array of food markets, cultural festivals, and exciting events. The venue has earned several prestigious accolades, including Gold awards for Best Summer Party Venue, Best Venue, Most Versatile Venue, Best Outdoor Venue, Best Events Venue, and Best Venue with a View, as well as Silver and Bronze awards for customer service and catering. This historic venue often hosts large, ticketed nightlife events with various music genres. It is always worth checking their calendar to see what might be happening.

Wapping offers a dynamic mix of old-world charm, contemporary comforts, and stunning scenery, providing a truly distinctive lifestyle close to the vibrant campus of Queen Mary University.


Experience the captivating area of Farringdon, a neighbourhood infused with historical character yet resonates with modern energy. This unique blend attracts those desiring a living experience that is both rooted in London’s long heritage and brimming with contemporary appeal. Students seeking a dynamic lifestyle near Queen Mary University will find Farringdon a perfect fit.

Crown Luxury Homes recognise the distinctive appeal of Farringdon for students looking for a residence with an eclectic appeal. The area holds a collection of rental properties that reflect the neighbourhood’s history. Embrace a touch of industrial chic in beautifully converted warehouse apartments featuring exposed brickwork, high ceilings, and rustic charm. For those seeking modern elegance, there are contemporary apartments boasting open floor plans, abundant natural light, and stylish urban aesthetics. And for a dash of indulgence, you can find a selection of luxurious flats finished to the highest standard with bespoke features and stunning appointments.

Venturing beyond your apartment, discover an eclectic mix of culinary experiences. Farringdon boasts an impressive collection of restaurants, from traditional gastropubs serving hearty British fare to trendy eateries showcasing innovative global cuisine. Indulge in a casual but refined dining experience at St. John Bread and Wine, a sibling of the renowned St. John; this spot offers simple, delicious British and European fare in a laid-back atmosphere. Think hearty meat dishes, fresh seafood, and a great selection of wine. Or book a table at the Quality Chop House – this Victorian-era restaurant is known for its excellent British dishes, particularly its chops and pies. The ambience is warm, cosy, and imbued with a sense of history.

After dark, join a stylish crowd at one of the many cocktail bars known for their creative concoctions and lively atmospheres. For a fun and energetic experience, seek out Simmons Farringdon, where you can expect a boisterous atmosphere, affordable drinks during their legendary happy hour, and a party vibe that gets going later in the evening. Or check out Be At One Farringdon, known for fun flavours, sweet and sour concoctions, and an upbeat atmosphere. Be At One is a reliable choice for a night out with friends.

Immerse yourself in culture at the world-renowned Barbican Centre, a multi-arts venue hosting theatre performances, cutting-edge exhibitions, and renowned musical concerts. Or, for a taste of true London history, wander through the iconic Smithfield Market, the UK’s biggest wholesale meat market and one of Europe’s largest of its kind.

A livestock market has existed on the Smithfield site for over 800 years, making it a vital part of London’s history and trade. The market continues to trade meat and poultry within its two stunning Victorian listed buildings. Sir Horace Jones, the same architect behind other iconic London landmarks like Billingsgate and Leadenhall Market, designed the buildings. They are grand examples of Victorian architecture.

Farringdon offers a unique blend of old and new, ensuring a dynamic, multifaceted lifestyle just a short distance from the vibrant campus of Queen Mary University.

The City

Students who desire to experience London’s historical core, undeniable energy, and prestigious lifestyle will find their home in The City. This legendary financial district sits alongside modern skyscrapers, iconic landmarks, and renowned cultural institutions, creating an electrifying and traditional atmosphere. Immerse yourself in this captivating environment, where the past meets the present with a fascinating blend of historic sights and cutting-edge innovation.

Crown Luxury Homes understands the prestige of residing in The City. The rental properties here couldn’t be better placed for convenience. Embrace the ultimate in sophistication by choosing from a range of impeccably appointed apartments, where floor-to-ceiling windows reveal breathtaking city views and expansive layouts define modern elegance. Experience true exclusivity in luxurious penthouse apartments, where panoramic terraces, private amenities, and the utmost privacy set the standard. Or, opt for the epitome of convenience with a serviced residence, where impeccable service, attention to detail, and bespoke amenities cater to your every need.

Beyond your impeccable residence, The City invites you on a journey of discovery. Indulge in an array of culinary experiences, from historic pubs overflowing with character and tales of London’s past to establishments gracing Michelin’s coveted guide, such as La Dame de Pic London in the Four Seasons Hotel at Ten Trinity Square. The legendary Anne-Sophie Pic runs this restaurant. It offers a contemporary take on French fine dining with exceptional tasting menus. Or Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester  – this iconic London restaurant presents Alain Ducasse’s vision of haute French cuisine in a luxurious setting. It offers a unique culinary experience with exquisite dishes and impeccable service.

Retrace history’s footsteps at iconic landmarks like St. Paul’s Cathedral; its grandeur is a hat-tip to London’s enduring spirit. Explore the city’s evolution and pivotal moments through the captivating exhibits of the Museum of London. Let the city’s rhythm guide you towards world-class venues like the Barbican Centre, where immersive theatre, cutting-edge exhibitions, and renowned musical performances unfold. The City offers an exceptional cosmopolitan lifestyle defined by ambition, infused with a rich history, and a heartbeat of London’s core – all within easy reach of Queen Mary University’s outstanding campus.