The History of Canary Wharf

Initially moulded in the 1990s by The Canary Wharf Group from the West India Docks, there was significant reluctance towards creating what was primarily office-centric space. Understandably, this triggered concerns of impending failure, especially as trade in the docks had dwindled to near obscurity. The potential emptiness of the office spaces was a worrying prospect until the government fast-tracked the Jubilee Line Extension for the millennium celebrations, altering the landscape dramatically.


The Start of Something New

Fast forward to the present day, and instead of laying barren, the locale has flourished, largely credited to the community that now calls it home. Once dominated by bankers and financiers, the infusion of diverse residents from various walks of life has significantly altered the atmosphere. The result? A rich tapestry of music, art, vibrant café culture, and a burgeoning nightlife that’s transformed the entire ambience.


The Epicentre of Property Development

Consequently, developers have responded adeptly, crafting contemporary living spaces that rank among the most coveted in the capital. Take Wood Wharf, a work in progress that embodies a modern approach to 21st-century living, offering abundant green spaces, top-tier amenities, and acclaimed dining establishments such as Hawksmoor, Dishoom, or Emilia’s – amenities that define modern living in today’s world.

While Wood Wharf is on the forefront of this change, it is echoing the vibrant living environments of One Park Drive, 10 Park Drive, or South Quay Plaza. Yet, as alluring as these spaces may be, their true essence lies in the people who inhabit them. Over recent years, it’s the residents who have transformed these developments into thriving successes that transcend mere architecture—a lesson for developers everywhere to cherish the community fabric woven into every building block of their projects.


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