What to Expect on Oxford Street

The Oxford Street program is a pivotal initiative dedicated to revamping both the appearance and functionality of the district. The blueprint entails augmenting visitor space, enhancing ambient lighting, and creating inviting green spaces and ample seating areas. Notably, adjacent intersections, including the bustling Oxford Circus, are also undergoing comprehensive refurbishments. These refurbishments are designed to prioritise pedestrian accessibility and safety, with plans for the installation of 12 new pedestrian crossings. The investment of £60 million by Westminster Council in partnership with the New West End Company stands as a testament to the commitment toward this revitalisation. A standout feature of this initiative is the offering of rent-free retail spaces to small businesses, providing budding entrepreneurs, emerging brands, and creative talents with a remarkable opportunity. These businesses can secure fully-furnished physical stores, benefitting from waived rent and a substantial 70% reduction in business rates—an initiative poised to invigorate the entrepreneurial spirit and foster diverse offerings within the district.


The planned rejuvenation of Oxford Street, a long-awaited and much-anticipated endeavour, symbolises a pivotal moment for Londoners and visitors alike. Westminster Council’s ambitious vision encompasses not only the immediate renovation efforts but also heralds a significant influx of further investment into the area in the years ahead. Cllr Geoff Barraclough, Westminster City Council’s cabinet member for planning and economic development, emphasised the West End’s continuous need for adaptation to cater to a global shopper audience. Acknowledging the established brands synonymous with the area, Barraclough expressed optimism for the imminent arrivals of retail giants like Ikea and H&M later in the year. His vision is clear—to create a shopping experience that evokes pride and resonates with local communities, residents, and global visitors, while further establishing Oxford Street as a premier shopping destination.


Uplifting Transportation

The recent uptick in foot traffic on Oxford Street, buoyed by the unveiling of the Elizabeth Line, serves as a harbinger of the district’s pivotal role in London’s broader revitalisation ventures. This rejuvenation initiative aligns with other transformational projects across the city, including Wood Wharf, Nine Elms, and Liverpool Street Station, indicative of London’s steadfast commitment to embracing modernity while attracting substantial investments. The resurgence of Oxford Street to its former glory holds promise not only for the city’s economic resurgence but also for its cultural and social vibrancy, reaffirming London’s status as a thriving global hub.


This resurgence marks a turning point—a narrative of renewal and promise for Oxford Street, breathing fresh life into its iconic avenues and symbolising a broader narrative of regeneration within the heart of London.